Wig Laundry Concierge Services

Our Wig Laundry Concierge service maintains your wigs keeping them in perfect condition and maximize  the longevity of your original purchase.

These services include five (5) drops-off with:

  • Shampoo
  • Deep Conditioning
  • Detangling treatment
  •  Styling

 Total Savings of $140

This is a monthly reoccurring service that you may cancel at anytime. Service starts on purchase date and ends 30 days each month. 

*Must be a Ravish Wig and 3 days for styling.

$185.00 $347.00

Quality Matters

Ravish Hair Extensions holds itself to the highest standards with our products

We Ship Fast!

Nobody likes to wait for products, we ship as soon as possible from one of our locations throughout the U.S nearest to you. We know you want it yesterday. (Conditions Apply)

Frequently Asked Questions

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